Social Distancing & Mask Detection helps your workplace reopen safely

Reduce COVID-19 risks by turning your security camera into a social distancing camera

Protecting your employees, customers, and organization is hard in the age of coronavirus, especially when liability can be high. Social distancing is proven to reduce transmission but is difficult to track and enforce.

But Camio can help! 250M security cameras are Camio-Ready today. Turn them into social distancing and mask detectors in less than an hour.

  • No new hardware
  • No long-term commitment
  • 100% software solution

Camio automatically detects hotspots so you know where to implement better social distancing tools, like orange cones and 6-ft tape markers.

When Camio detects a social distancing problem, it alerts and reports the incident to identify frequent hotspots in your workplace.
After you implement social distancing fixes for the hotspots, Camio measures and confirms best practices in social distancing.
  • Preserve business continuity while keeping people safe
  • Increase employee and customer confidence in coming to your workplace
  • Reduce liability and risk of litigation by maintaining auditable CDC compliance records

Get Started

Smart alerting and reporting with your existing camera

Camio checks your existing workplace cameras feed for hotspots many times a day, so it can determine which areas need a social distancing fix.

  • 3 or 6 foot social distancing detection and mask detection included
  • Real-time alerts and customizable dashboards via email
  • Privacy-friendly — no PII used or stored
  • Safer than thermal cams — fever-free people can be contagious
Camio summarizes the Social Distancing hotspots by hour.
Dashboards are delivered to your inbox with links to view problem areas.

How it works

Camio uses AI and machine learning to turn output from your 2D cameras into insights about social distancing in 3D. It anonymously tracks people as they move on a virtual 3D floor-plane grid — movement is analyzed without storing any personally identifiable information.

Your camera output is sent to Camio in the cloud, where it performs the analysis and sends back real-time alerts and customizable dashboards. Most companies can run this entirely on their existing hardware with less than an hour of setup. Learn how.

Camio detects when people are closer than 6 feet.

Camio also detects masks while measuring distance between people.

Even when people are 6-feet apart, Camio automatically detects whether they’re wearing masks.
Real-time dashboards track both mask and social distancing policy effectiveness.

Camio is a Member of the Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance. Learn more.