Enterprise pricing that’s best for you

Flat fees for Camio SD and usage-based enterprise plans scale with your specific search, storage, and feature needs.

Camio’s usage-based plans automatically reduce costs with dynamically provisioned compute capacity that's shared across all your cameras—even when they're in different geographic locations. Contact our partner resellers to optimize for your exact needs.

Tailored Plans

Camio scales with your needs. Contact us to create a plan optimized for your solution.

Plan option Customizations
Live Streaming—IP cameras, no open inbound ports
Camio Daily email highlights
24x7 coverage with timelapse videos Level 1
Variable timelapse fps & resolution
Unlimited storage capacity GB/camera allowances & overages
Tamper-proof video history 30-day, 90-day & custom retention
Unlimited Guests Level 2
Human & car detection
Advanced object labeling Level 3
Vehicle class, make & model,…
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Fuzzy match search for LPR
Video stream transcoding Remove audio & vary bitrate, fps, resolution
Dual stream analysis Level 4
Analyze hi-res, upload lo-res
Metadata-only indexing On-premise video proxy server
Custom ML Models Bespoke ML models trained and deployed