AI on more streams

Intel and Camio accelerate Deep Learning Inference for AI In Production on all video streams.*

Cost-effective video monitoring

Camio® uses Intel® OpenVINO™ to optimize its Deep Learning Neural Networks for a 3x speed improvement. And with the Intel® Media SDK to transcode video 8x faster than CPU transcoding, Camio Interest-based Video Compression™ provides the most cost-effective remote video monitoring available.

AI at 1/3 the cost

As an on-premise video gateway, Camio Box connects all existing cameras and NVRs to state-of-the-art AI. The computational efficiency achieved by Camio and Intel delivers intelligent video analysis for multiple streams. There’s no “last ladder” deployment problem, since no new cameras are required. Camio's hybrid edge/cloud AI makes it fast and inexpensive to see the events that warrant attention.

For example, a single Camio Box 1510A delivers advanced object classification on 14 1080p video streams. (courtesy of Pro-Vigil)

Without Intel® OpenVINO™, only 2 or 3 streams could benefit from on-premise Deep Learning labeling. (courtesy of Pro-Vigil)

AI In Production

Camio uses the new OpenVINO toolkit to optimize TensorFlow models to exploit any combination of CPUs and GPUs available on the machines serving as Camio Box video gateways. Box runs the OpenVINO plug-in libraries cldnn-gpu and mkldnn-cpu for 3x faster inference from the OpenVINO (IR) Intermediate Representation of models deployed at the edge for on-premise processing.

Camio also uses the Intel Media SDK to offload the transcoding of videos to the GPU—not only to encode 8x faster to handle more streams but also to free-up the CPU to orchestrate the other Neural Networks critical to Camio's adaptive motion filters and interest ranking. The net result of Camio's work with Intel is a powerful and cost-effective SaaS platform for real-time video search and alerts.

*Nearly all cameras and NVRs provide the required H.264 RTSP video stream, but some don't. Learn more.
10 streams supported at 1.5Mbps bitrate and 20 fps. The maximum varies by video encoding. Learn more.

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